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02-11-2013, 10:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
Was Orr used properly last year, if you know anything about the Leafs, I am going to assume you do, Burke and Wilson had a fundamental difference Burke admitted but acted too late on. Wilson doesn't like tough hockey, when your coach wants to play like smurfs, and the GM doesn't interfere how you use your players, how does Orr and Rosehill succeed, you could have Tie Domi in the lineup and he would be treated like a circus act. You don't see how RC differs in approach, Maclaren is not as fast as Rosie, but RC keeps putting him out there. I don't expect you to get this, but you have to trust your tough guys if you want them to play for you and contribute.
Orr was coming back from a concussion and his fitness level and overall game were lacking.

I'm using TOI to show you that Colton was given roughly the same amount of minutes under Rotten Ronnie as he is now when he was healthy.

Direct quote from Carlyle:

“He went to the Marlies, worked his butt off, changed his body makeup,” Carlyle said of Orr. “He’s in much better shape, mentally and physically. The message at the end of the last year, if you go out and commit to this fitness regime, you’ll get an opportunity here.”
If you disagree with what I'm saying then you're disagreeing with what Carlyle is saying. Given the comparable TOI undre Ron and Randy, it's my guess (just as it's your guess that they differ on how to use tough guys) that these coaches agreed on Colton Orr and what it would take for him to get back into the lineup.

Additionally, you're pointing to a single season under Ron when Colton was coming back from a serious injury... I showed you two where he played him every game he possibly could when he was healthy.

Ron had his faults... how he used his enforcers wasn't one of them. The team sucked last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, because of a dated system employed by a coach that was refusing to change. How he dispenses minutes to his tough guys had nothing to do with it.

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