Thread: Post-Game Talk: Leafs 5:2 Flyers! Feels good, man!
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02-11-2013, 11:36 PM
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i fell asleep before the 3rd period but great game nonetheless.

Mark Fraser is now a ridiculous +11 on the season. I say ridiculous cause when's the last time a Leafs defeceman was a over plus 10. lol the guy's just solid, I don't even notice he's on the ice except when he's fighting, which I'll assume is a good thing for a defensive-defenceman.

Franson is playing really good hockey with Fraser riding shotgun with him. I don't know why people want to get rid of this guy. He's our best shooter from the point and should be getting #1 pp duty with whoever they choose to put on the other side. The guy just gets his shots through somehow.

Our defense is the deepest I can ever remember.

The Komarov, Kulemin, Grabo line just buzzes all day in the opposing end. They must piss off the other team like a group of gnats.

Frattin is legit. His hands are a lot better than I gave him credit for, and his shot is NHL caliber. Carlye has him driving the net more than he did last year and it's paying off. I just wish he would use his size more and lay some guys out, cause with that frame he could do some serious damage.

Kadri needs to get better at faceoffs, but him and Frattin have great chemistry together.

I really like Holzer's physicality, despite the possible suspension. He plays a smart and simple game ike a more physical and tougher Gunnarson.

Forgot JVR. I know he didn't have a great game today, but the last time we had a big player with his hands in front of the net was probably Andreychuck.

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