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02-11-2013, 10:56 PM
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Blade Pattern / Lie Help

So long time lurker, looking for any advice or suggestions regarding a blade pattern. Not exactly a beginner, been playing a while, and know majority of the patterns (I actually get my sticks from Base so I get a lot of options for patterns and lies).

Been playing with a Sakic pattern for a while (started with a lie 6). Have been getting a lot of heel wear. Went to a lie 5. Seemed to help a bit, but still that one spot of the heel always wears first (pics below after just one ice time - marked in red where it happens). I'm 5'10 and my stick goes to middle of my nose without skates, just below my lips with skates on (use to be an inch and a half longer!). I like longer sticks I guess (never had a problem with my hands, like the ability for take-aways, and to protect the puck. I play center/forward). I really have no problems passing or stick handling. Taking passes is fine, or one touching them, and can saucer fairly well. I liked the lie 6 cause I could still stick handle well in the corners and in tight, but I have noticed lie 5 is better for everything else. Not as much chicken winging I guess (but that could have been cause I cut my stick a bit too).

My main problem is shooting. Never been much of one. It's not horrible but it ain't great. I'm getting to the point where I need to start shooting it more (teammates even yell at me). While I have improved my wrist (more of a snap shot really), I have a tendency to shot it high and wide (especially when I shot right, I'm a leftie). It's gotten harder as I'm getting more flex into it but occasionally I'll even wobble some quick shots (they're still fairly hard even when I do). Pucks seems to fly off at an angle instead of a horizontal saucer sometimes. I only really use quick wrist snappers as it's more suited towards my game. Maybe I should focus on a blade more for this type of shot, but I don't know which one would work.

What should I do next? Should I just go to a lie 4 (base makes one)? I do like to stick handle to the side, but I also bring it in close when manoeuvring. Perhaps the rocker on the Sakic helps me do this? Is this why my heel is wearing? Or do I need a lower lie if I want a longer stick? But I also don't want a huge triangle that guys can attack due to my low lie and long stick. Should I just change the pattern? Cut the stick and just get use to it?

Sorry for all the questions, but I want to people to know that I have done some research into this (actually quite a bit). Thanks for any help.

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