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02-11-2013, 10:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Troy McClure View Post
You're making the mistake of thinking that the team is not interested in winning this season. Heika may have called this a "transition season," but nothing this team has done has given me the impression the team thinks of this season as little more than an extended training camp for young players. They are playing veterans in key roles, but they are also playing more young players than this team has ever done in the past. Larsen not playing is less about a cap on rookies and more about a cap on small defensemen, with the few spots for them going to veterans who have proven more.
Going so far as to call this season an extended training camp for young players is putting words in my mouth.

Two things. One, if management thinks this team is ready for a major run in the playoffs they're delusional, which is itself a problem of note worth putting in the "who's to blame" thread. Playing veterans like Jagr, Whitney, Roy, and Ryder in key positions takes the onus off of young players having to contribute offense right out of the gate. I was on board with that then and I'm on board with it now. I have much less of an issue with forward personnel use than on the defensive side of things. Which brings us to...

Number two, IF the team is trying to win and go deep in the playoffs this season they have got to be realistic about analyzing the play of their own players. Even with Larsen taking a few too many penalties he has added more to this team positively than he's taken away, and he adds more to the overall mix on defense than some concoction without him. Larsen helps this team win on any given night more than Robidas can at this point in his career, especially if he were given Robidas' PP minutes, which he's doing nothing with.

If a GM who wants to win now and wants to continue developing its young player, a guy they've invested a lot of time and effort into bringing along, has any balls he would trade the underachieving veteran to make way for the younger, more promising player. Larsen is flat out a better player than Robidas. If you disagree then there's not much more to discuss because we're too far apart in how we view the players.

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