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Originally Posted by thrillermiller89 View Post
Played a drop-in game with McSkittlez yesterday....

He was killin' it in net, but there was some ****** dman on our team who stayed offsides all game, then just decided to put his controller down. I can't stand the people who piss and moan because they don't get a forward position, then they ruin the game for everyone else.

I don't know why EA didn't put a "boot" function in this game so you could vote with your team to kick people out of your game.
There are two main types of drop-in games:

1. The ones where you're really good compared to the other team and it's no contest.

2. The ones where everyone on the other side is on the same EASHL team and you're on a team with no concept of teamwork.

There is a third type of game, the ultra-rare one, where both teams are good and you get a closely played game.


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