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02-11-2013, 11:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
Orr wasn't used prior to his concussion, he and Rosehill were thrown out there for a fight in the first and rarely saw the ice after the first period. Do you not see the fundamental difference in the way RC uses his tough guys to RW? Orr is on the ice in last min of periods, he gets rewarded with PP time. Tear your way away from the stats sheets and observe the differences in coaching techniques. Does RC not make a player feel better about themselves?

Just to clarify again, Orr gets credit for working his way back in the lineup, I never inferred he wasn't in better shape. It is well documented here he he lost weight and is quicker this year, but if you want to tell me that Ron Wilson used enforcers well last year, you didn't watch the same games I watched.

Everyone knows RC and RW coach vastly differently, the results speak for themselves, the Orr and Mclaren roles have been vital to this team's identity. Carlyle stated as much as saying before the year there will be a 4th energy line while he is coach, it's a vote of confidence to Orr, Brown, and Mclaren. Wilson had little usage for a 4th line, he accepted what Burke gave him and almost reluctantly used them. That's the biggest difference, if you are telling me a player plays better when they are treated this way, I don't know what to tell you?

So to recap, Orr got himself back after the concussion, he deserves credit there, being a backer of his all along I am not surprised, and also being a backer of his and tougher hockey, he was not used correctly last year, I have no problem with the way RW used Orr the first year he was here, but RW really went smurf hockey last year, and any Leafs fan that witnessed our games against Boston would agree.
You never said Orr wasn't in better shape... but you said that Ron Wilson was the reason he wasn't in the NHL, which is false.

Orr only came completely back from his concussion THIS year. Last year his mind was healthy (there were rumours he was coming back too early frm that injury) but he was not in NHL shape and was sent to the Marlies as a result.

I agree with you that Ron and Randy coach differently. The major difference between Ron and Randy is the defensive focus Randy has brough to the entire club.

Saying that Ron "reluctantly" used a 4th line is nothing but your opinion. You've failed to prove that the 5-6 minutes per game that healthy Colton got under Ron is vastly differernt than the 5-6 minutes that healthy Colton is getting under Randy.

I get that you're a fan of tougher hockey (so am I), which is why you mentioned the Leafs' performances vs the Bruins, but you're focusing on guys who play 4-7 minutes per game and how their play affects a team's performance rather than focusing on Carlyle's influence on getting the players who play heavy minutes to buy into his system.

You see the trees (fights, big hits, not getting pushed around). I encourage you to try and see the forest (defensive play, accountability, chemistry).

I noticed you backpeddling a bit and giving Ron credit for how he used Colton "the first year he was her" but you should also give him credit for how he used Colton in the second year he was here. He played in the first 46 games before he was lost to the season thanks to a concussion.

Orr wasn't an NHL player last season. He's back now because he earned it, not because Wilson took anything away from him. Accept it.

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