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02-11-2013, 11:38 PM
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Doesn't Cuthbert do most of the CFL games?
I think he is very good.

I would be pretty happy if we got Cole back mistakes or not.
I HATE Hughson!!!!!!!! I know...strong reaction over a guy who sounds like a robot right?
That clip posted earlier is maybe the funniest thing I've heard with Hughson involved!

And yes... I did read "Its In The Net" in Hughson's voice, and it did sound VERY familiar.

Speaking of nostalgia, you know who rarely gets mentioned, but really he was the voice of HNIC for me as a kid, is Bill Hewitt. Probably in part because he sounded so much like his Dad, many people may have assumed he was his Dad. Anyway he was the voice of the Leafs in the 70's.
He is the voice I grew up listening to for Leaf games. I also loved Jim Robson and Danny Galivan. All three were light years better than Hughson.

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