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02-11-2013, 11:44 PM
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Coyotes @ Avs

Originally Posted by dmitri View Post
So.. he plays like a contract player.. who isn't a contract player.. thus defining him as a .. contract player? Don't go to Thailand bro. With that logic I am unsure if you'll be spending a night with a man or a woman.

I see him bolting to St Louis as well. I think we could maybe squeeze out a winger from them. Which would be nice given Duke's retirement, Jones drunk self and injuries that'll happen to the team.

I wouldn't say the rebuild failed. I'd say the management failed. The player we have, tho albeit some we overpaid for, are solid to build around. A core of:

Lando - Duch - XXX
XXX - Staz - XXX



Is not a bad start. Its just the supporting cast of dmen that suck. Offense just needs better coaching. But if management is unwilling to pay to keep certain players and more importantly, unwilling to make the office/bench chances to support those players it won't matter who we have on the ice if the person behind the bench is a moron.

Don't believe me? Look at the 2004 avs. Great iced team, BAD coach..

We sit at 52 million.. I think that is too high given the talent of this team.

Didn't you want stastny gone even when he was playing good? I always remember you calling him casper when he wasn't scoring on the road in his early days and were open to trading him then.
I been wanting him gone since about the time Stewart and Shatty got traded. Im just glad to see some other son here are finally seeing it now

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