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02-11-2013, 11:45 PM
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Originally Posted by GusTheo View Post
There hasn't been a single impact trade made. There have been 6 total, and one of those is the Islanders trade for Thomas. I'll go over them for you 1 by 1, just so you can see, "bro".

1) Panthers Traded F Jean-Francois Jacques to Tampa Bay for future considerations.

2) Rangers Traded F Chad Kolarik to Pittsburgh for F Benn Ferriero. (I'm sure you've heard of both these guys.

3) Rangers Traded F Mike Rupp to Minnesota for F Darroll Powe and F Nick Palmieri. (NY Rangers, come collect the Stanley Cup!)

4) Chicago Traded F Peter LeBlanc to the Washington Capitals for future considerations (Man this one was such a blockbuster Chicago didn't even know who they wanted back!)

5) Kings Traded C Andrei Loktionov to New Jersey for a 2013 fifth-round draft pick. (5th round pick... big things!)

6) Isles trade for Tim Thomas...

None of these trades were major, they are fringe trades at best, for depth guys. None of these types of trades will help the Islanders. You rarely see impact trades in season unless they are close to the deadline or some sort of extenuating circumstance.

I have no idea when the first check is cut, or for how much, why don't you go look it up since you are so concerned about revenue sharing. All I did was simply point out the fact that you don't know what you're talking about.

Once the season starts, chances are that is the team you're going to war with. If you're a good team and are close to being a contender, you can usually make a trade to try and put yourself over the top. That isn't the Islanders, they are more than 1 player away.
Sure, they are more likely to happen at the deadline for the needs of the playoff bound, or in the offseason, but yet they do happen in season as well. But that wasn't the point, which was that our owner sends a rather dubious message early in the season before the wheels fell off about his intentions. TT wasn't going anywhere. The trade deadline was something like 6 weeks away, and they go and make a move not to bolster a hole or two, but one which tells everyone on the team what their real concerns are - dumping actual players. There was time in the summer for a trade, and there is time now as some teams are in cap trouble and would welcome something that allows them breathing room to make other moves at the deadline. This is where trading for a bloated contract of a good player would work. But all we see is cap space traded for. Meanwhile we have a first line composed of Tavares, a lazy tourist, and garbage, and a defense that required two waiver pickups to patch. Yeah, time to make that trade, as they have occurred in the past, and as the current club would benefit from it, and another club would welcome.

On the revenue sharing, you say you have no idea when or for how much yet you attempt to lecture me on it? How about you research those facts you are so fond of and get back to me on them. You were the one who brought them out as such, if you can remember that far back of course.

In the mean time perhaps you could lecture all of us on the goodness of an owner who starves his club of talent and practically assures us of a basement salary roster until we are in Barclays, and then who knows what else he may chain to increasing salary.

But hey, we are so unreasonable in our demands...

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