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02-12-2013, 12:08 AM
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Just a few thoughts on this:

First, I obviously think that Larsen is better than Robidas. As I've said before I'm not terribly broken up about Larsen not getting as much play as he "should," like some people are, but it would obviously be better for Robidas to go away/retire/get traded.

Second, I keep noticing a thread of "we're not a serious contender, so why focus on being good?" I know you guys aren't saying that the team should try to suck, but it seems like you're getting the "the cup is everything" attitude somewhat prematurely.

I think that there's a middle ground between wanting to develop players and aiming for a serious cup run. I know that Stars fans haven't really had a lot of experience with the whole sucking->drafting good potential->honing that potential->seriously contending pattern, but you've had ample opportunity to watch it on hfboards for other teams over the years.

What I'm getting at is that eventually you'll reach a point where the team is supposed to be really good, but "lack of playoff experience" ends up being a knock on the whole group. And in time the "ooh shiny and new!" players like Larsen, Dillon, Smith, etc. get hated on for lacking that experience.

Further, attracting free agents is going to be easier for a playoff team. Not to mention getting more people into the building. Rebuilding the fanbase. A deep playoff run isn't the only reason to want to see the playoffs.

What I'm trying to say is that a seven game playoff series might do a lot of good for both the development of the young players AND the general health of the team/fanbase.

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