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02-12-2013, 12:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Bone for your jar View Post
Painful indeed, and sorry to retraumatize you, but I do have a question for you or others here: In the slow-motion replay, I see what looks like Thornton's left arm coming up after he's gone down to the ground. The arm seems to make two quick jabs straight up, as though either (a) he's still trying to punch Scott (from a ludicrous position); or (b) doing a version of Horton's one-armed concussion salute. Either way it's a chilling sight, because you gotta figure he's semi-conscious at that point. Am I the only one who saw this, and if not, what did others make of it?
Thornton said he didn't lose consciousness (or if he did, it was only for a millisecond). The "fencing response" is a classic sign of a severe concussion, and IIRC there is no movement involved; the arm hangs limply in the air before collapsing under the weight of gravity. If he had displayed that symptom, they would have gotten him off the ice (or box, as it were) asap.

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