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02-12-2013, 12:25 AM
Ted Black
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AIREAYE- thanks for setting me on straight on the difference between profile and contour. I think I actually knew that, but hey

So I finally got new skates. The shop didn't have 18k in 9.5. They offered to order me a pair and I said if they would do better on the price on the 20k I would just go with them. They dropped it down to $699; I was pretty shocked. I really wanted to bake them tonight, but Joe (LHS owner) told me you're supposed to wait 24 hrs to skate in baked skates, at least for RBK. I was dying to try new skates and I just HAD to skate in them tonight. Wow. They're definitely going to take some getting used too. Didn't expect them to be so stiff. When I had them on in the store I didn't think they'd be that bad, it seemed like I could flex them pretty well. I have to be honest, I'm a little nervous about the situation, but hopefully after a bake or two and a good 10-15 hours I'll break them in a bit. The stiffness I can get used to with time, but my arch was in some pain. Will that flatten out with time and with a bake? I have flat feet and RBKs are supposed to be known for accommodating a flat foot. It wasn't overbearing in the store, but it was bugging me quite a bit on the ice tonight.

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