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Originally Posted by Terrapin View Post
Why don't they wear the baby blue's anymore?
They retired them and then switched over to our current darker blue third jerseys that were first introduced for the 2011 Winter Classic.

Originally Posted by cassius View Post
Can someone check the Penguins record while wearing the alternative jerseys? (powder baby blues)

Was curious if anyone out there had the data.. as I am not sure how to look up Wins / losses by jersey, haha.

I would be interested to see the home and road numbers too..

I could be totally wrong, but part of me thinks that it has below 0.500. Not to mention, Sid was concussed at the WC when he was sporting this jersey so I feel like they are just totally cursed.
Actually Sid was concussed wearing our current third jerseys, y'know the darker blue ones with the powder blue stripes.

However, when wearing the powder blue thirds (that were introduced in our first Winter Classic back in 2008) Sid scored the game winner of the '08 Winter Classic for us in a shootout.

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