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Divisional pairings across conferences. (MOD: Playing Matrix)

Alright I know everyone is talking about realignment as if it`s the main problem, but in reality it`s not realignment that is the real issue, it`s the unique needs of scheduling for an entire continent.

So why forget realignment.

To me there are three complaints that seem to contradict each other at first glance which is why realignment won`t solve a thing.

1) Divisions are too small, or in other words we want less games with the hurricanes, and more games with new york.
2) Conference`s are too small, or in other words we want less games with nashville and more games with toronto(detroit)
3) Conference`s are too big we want more games in our timezone(van-la-etc)

So if we can`t have more divisional games, we seemingly can`t have more interconference games as travel is already too extreme within in a conference what can be done.

So here`s my idea, keep the current system, goto 5 divisions, 6 divisions, 4 divisions, it don`t matter. But here`s the key. Pair divisions independent of their conference.

Keep inter conference 15 team x 1.2 games= 18
Keep divisional 4 teams x 6 games = 24
Reduce rest of conference games 10 teams x 2 games = 20

and throw in a new game type
Inter divisional crossover for 5 teams x 4 games =20

This mean pairing the Norwest and pacific divisions reducing their travel issues for a series of 20 games.

Pair central with northeast, giving Detroit^Chicago their blessed chance for a few games with toronto, boston, and montreal.

Finally giving a chance for the Atlantic, to leave their backyard seat for 20 games with the south.

The arrangement breaks up none of those coveted rivalries.

Reduces the travel time for those in the west.

Gives central teams to play games with the east.

Does not interfere with play off seeding.

And allows the weakest division(the south), for a chance to have more games with their most natural rivals the Atlantic division.

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