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02-12-2013, 12:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Drivefor5 View Post
Honestly, as terrible as I feel about our performance and situation and as much as I can sympathize with my fellow fans, I look at the glass half full. I guess it depends on the fan and how much time you have invested in the team as well as how you have processed the teams highs and lows over your Fan expereince through the years. I go back to 78 and while I was young, I never really appreciated what was going on through the cup years. Like so many of us I felt they would always be good.

Does Wang stink as an owner? Yeah, we could have better but honestly without him it is quite possible the team is gone like 13 years ago. For all his faults he has looked to keep the team right here in NY and has accomplished that goal for the next 25+ years.

We have come a long way from the days of dumping the Pallfy's and Chara's and Luongo's. We are finally doing it right. For all the warts that Snow has, he is a far cry from Mad Mike Milbury.

We have a Player in Tavares that is 22 years old!! We finally after decades have a new arena and it is still in NY!!!

Imagine being the people in Winipeg or Quebec or the 2 fans in Atlanta that had or have no team.

Enjoy each goal, save, check, and each win and know that one day when Tavares raises the cup over his head while wearing an Islanders jersey that it will all have been worth it.

I have had realatives and friends that were/are Ranger Fans and for all the Fun I had teasing them with chants of 1940, some of them did not live long enough to see 1994. While others would tell me "I could die just seeing the Rangers win the cup once more." I guess in our short history we have been spoiled and are now being galvanized by the Hockey Gods for our past success.

Any way hockey is back, enjoy it and keep hope alive as we stay the course on our eternal.... Drive for 5!!!!!
Love your optimism. It's much needed right now.

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