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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Another miss by Therrien. In a era of "no excuses" and the benching of White and Eller, he doesn't do **** for one of the most unuseful player we had in a long time in Colby Armstrong. And Desharnais doesn't deserve to be in a lineup, but as of now, he should at best be the #4 centerman. Put him with White and Moen, and hope that the opponent will give you weaker challenges so that even with average wingers, you'll be able to shine more. But even if it doesn't make him better...I don't care, Eller deserve more. And I want to see more of him.

The Pacioretty-Gally-Gally line was obvious, I kept asking for it for quite some time now. And I guess you don't touch the Pleks like though I'm starting to be tired of Gionta. My lines would have been...


And I'm clearly on the verge of calling up Dumont. Yeah, I know he's not going to KO'ed anybody, but until we make a move...we play with what we play. Dumont plays instead of DD and you have an Okay 4th line. I hate Moen more and more but that's another story. How the **** would not re-insert White after one of the most pathetic game all-around I've seen this team play. Just for that, if Therrien doesn'T re-insert him, he's an idiot. Accountability works for EVERYBODY!
Panique pas WS. The cream will rise to the top this year, and as for the rest, MB has no ties to the past.

I'm still confident in Cole, for this year at least. He will bounce back. Gassing Cole this year would make Habs look absurd. Which is too bad, as he will be valuable at the deadline. I could see a UFA signing this summer to replace him on the top line, as he moves down. I think Cole asks to move on this summer, or helps in a lesser role next year as we move up the standings a bit.

DD I am losing confidence in, but give him 10 more games to start scoring. I think he's done though. Love the kid, but we have to be better at C starting next October. He might go at the deadline. Eller or Gally likely take his job. Then we need to draft a very good big potential no 2 C this summer, as I see none in the system.

Gio will also play better this year, but it's 50-50 on him next year. He's the captain, and he works hard. He will stay this year. Galla will take his job next year if Gio moves on. Hope if he must move on we get a 2nd and a prospect for him this summer.

I'm tired of. No scoring, not a great fighter, just filling space. He can be replaced from within or with a good UFA signing. Offload him at the deadline, he is a proven role player on a contender, and we might get a 2nd for him.

, no value at deadline. He's gone next year and his place can be filled from within. Nothing to see here.

Tinordi takes Cube's place next year, in a ideal world. But Cube will stay this year. Tinordi will need some games this year though, if we are out of it.

Kaberle gone at deadline, not MB's mess, and we might get a 3rd for him, even a second if we find a desperate contending sucker with offensive D issues.

In summary, if we are 10th at deadline, I see DD, Kaberle and Moen as good candidates to move, for as much in picks as we can get. This is a must for this draft.

Gio and Cole maybe go this summer, but I doubt it. And I don't mind that. The guys are players, with cups, and good for the kids. One more year, no problem. Every team has a couple of guys like this. It's just that contenders don't rely on them to be top line players.

Cube and Armstong are replaced from within. Dumont replaces Nokes.

LL is a wildcard, we will see. Will make camp interesting.

Kristo is also a wildcard. Will also make camp interesting.

We pick up a good muscle top six winger UFA. And we keep improving with good prospects and a great draft this year.

Next year:

Pax, Gally, Big UFA (Monster scoring, big line)

Bourque, Pleks, Gio (Big D, and timely scoring)

Galla, Eller, Cole (Great 3rd line, big D, and scoring)

Prust, Dumont, White/UFA fighting beast (No more Moen marking time)

Kristo and hopefully LL chomping at the bit.

Subby, Gorgeous (Top 5 pairing in the east, 28 minutes at ES, eating it up)
Markov, Emelin (Less minutes, don't give up on Emelin, 20-22 mins ES tops)
Diaz, Tinordi (PP specialist, learning PK monster. Diaz can cover for him I hope, in the 10 ES minutes they get)

Monster UFA fighting D beast, for starts against teams that are taking liberties. Diaz sits.

Beaulieu and maybe Ellis chomping at the bit.

See WS? Easy. No problemo.

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