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Car'lina @ New Jersey... OPPA 8-BIT STYLE!!!

For full effect of this GDT, I reccomend you listen to one of the following songs while reading:

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013. Your Carolina Hurricanes against the New Jersey Devils at 7pm EST


A Hurricane fan shows up to the Prudential Center waiting for the game to start

The Story thus far.

Carolina Super Fan Trantor the Troll shows up early on the road trip with some good ol' fashioned Southern eats

Today's game against the Devils marks the end of a loooooooooooong winding road trip. Below is a graphical representation of said road trip and its results.

Our heroes, Hurricane Man and his BFF Crystal Meth Man, talk about the trip:

For clarification, this is the crazy guy who has Crystal Meth Man so worried:

Players to Watch:

Eric and Jordan (AKA Bimmy and Jimmy) the Staal Brothers

Eric and Jordan are by far our two best players. They do everything for this team. They score goals, they get assists, they hit, they get more pluses than minuses and rumor is, they even can has cheezeburger.

Char and Slutty are our most physical players who also hit like tanks and have nice smiles. They operate on different lines to make it fair to the other team.

After years as a covert KGB operative, super spy Patrik Elias was put into "sleeper mode" waiting for that glorious day when the USSR returns to the top of the mountain. He was put in "stasis" and currently lives as a North American Stick Puck Player (colloquially referred to as "Ice Hockey" in these parts)

But make no mistake, this ruthless sniper is simply awaiting someone uttering his "Trigger Phrase" to return to battle. Leaked documents indicate that his trigger phrase is:
Klaatu Barada Nikto

Martin Brodeur is the greatest goalie in NHL history. He also gets mad bro cred for sleeping with his wife's sister. AKA, every man's fantasy (as long as said sister is hot of course.)

Color Commentary tonite provided by the letter H, the number 7 and these people:

Let's get a win boys!!!

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