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Originally Posted by BJG View Post
First off, I grew up in Montreal and am married to a Quebecoise from Rimouski, so I know about the politics and language issues. I think comparing the Yankees in NY is much more apt than to the Florida Panthers, for just that reason. A Yankee can't go anywhere here without fans, papparazzi, etc following them. I think the cap issue is also not valid; first off, people on this board have been saying that players who are offered the same money by the Habs and another city choose the other city, in part because of the media attention. Second thing, the NFL has a brutal cap and the best players want to play in the biggest media markets. As for the Francophone issue, it boggles my mind. Latino baseball players are flocking to play with the Mets, who have a large Latino fan base. I don't buy the idea that Francophone players run from the attention. Has so much changed in a couple of generations; I recall a few guys by the names of Richard, Beliveau, Lafleur, etc who seemed to be able to thrive in the spotlight of MTL. They didn't run crying to a smaller market because of media pressures.
I gotta say I agree with you 100%... If anything the media in Montreal makes it more interesting to play here... The city loves the team, and the team is a heavy topic in the paper, where comments are taken very seriously by EVERYONE in the city... If a sports star doesnt like the media pressure... I agree I dont want them either then... cause come playoff time, all the pressure is gone from the dressing room and is all on the ice... They'll buckle if they're not strong minded...

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