Thread: Confirmed with Link: Flames pickup G Joey MacDonald on waivers
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02-12-2013, 02:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Congo View Post
This is my theory on the MacDonald claiming. Just thinking aloud here:

Kipper goes down, Irving gets the start. Feaster and co look around at the trade market and the waiver wire and say "Okay, we need another goaltender who can play in the NHL otherwise we are one unlucky moment away from this season being in impossible trouble. Unfortunately, there's no one available for less than a [x]th round pick, and I'm not willing to trade that for a week of peace of mind." Given that Taylor and Brust have been lights out, they look at Abby and decide that Taylor's style will likely adjust better. The contract goes out to Taylor, in part as a way of rewarding him for his fantastic efforts down on the farm.

Feaster and co sit down again and say "Okay, so we have Taylor to back up Irving. No one is 100% comfortable with that. Here's the plan, we roll with Irving-Taylor unless something better falls into our lap." 24 hours later MacDonald is on the waiver wire. Feaster looks at that and says "Well **** me, that is poor timing." He claims MacDonald, as part of the plan, because he's just better than Taylor. "But Jay!" cries out some poor intern in the Flames office "What about the contract limit!?" Jay puts aside his dolce latte and says "What about the contract limit? As soon as Cammalleri comes back I have another surplus of forwards and D. I'll flip someone for a pick to regain that flexibility." The intern is swiftly taken aside by Craig Conroy, never to be seen or heard from again.
The problem in your story is that you suggest Craig Conroy does something swiftly.

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