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02-12-2013, 02:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Hockey Duckie View Post
What? So now you're a medical expert as well? If Lindholm has been ready for a while don't you think the team would have refrained from trading away a fifth round pick? Especially since they've drafted well in the recent years.

Do you even know why 18 and 19 year olds can't play in the AHL if they've been playing on NA soil for a while? It's economics. NHL teams can't stash away their prospects in the AHL otherwise it would deplete the juniors of quality play. There would be a high turnover rate at the juniors. To prevent that, they made an agreement with the NHL. Either they stay at the NHL level or be returned to their junior team. The benefit for the NHL club is their prospect gets to learn at someone else's expense as they supervise their prospect. Not all players mature equally. Some are slower and some are faster. Do you seriously think a player like Tavares needed an extra year or three in juniors? Care to tell the Islanders that? And care to tell us Duck fans that Cam coming to us early wasn't a huge boost to his learning curve as he was amazing this season. pfft.
What if i told you the part you quoted me was about Rakell? So i`m not even responding.

Tavares was clear #1 overall he had way more advanced player than Lindholm is.

Originally Posted by mightyquack View Post
I don't see how Lindholm wasn't ready for AHL, he had the hockey skill and the frame to play in the AHL, it's just unfortunate that he picked up a concussion in the AHL and it was compounded in the WJC prep tournament.

Roy example is ridiculous as well, considering he's not even close to Lindholm nor ready for NHL/AHL. Or are we going to blame every concussion on a player not be ready for the NHL? Hey Sidney, I know you won the cup and all, but you got concussed, gotta get NHL ready in the AHL
The frame won`t tell you all the story. It`s about different parts of the body that needs to be worked on. Like Teemu trains his knees etc. For young players like Lindholm,, they need to build up that neck erea to prevent concussions because of the sometimes reckless play there in AHL.

And again - i don`t believe that the fact that 2 youngest players in AHL both are sitting about a month now with head injuries.

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