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02-12-2013, 02:17 AM
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Other than #1, not necessarily in order.......

1. Ric Flair - he brought it all: in-ring ability, mic work, charisma, master of wrestling psychology, etc.
2. Sting - a true legend, and often underrated because he never went to WWE
3. Roddy Piper - basically a brawler as a wrestler, but he had everything else, including the best mouth in the business
4. Larry Zbysko - the 2nd best mouth in the business, the best "suck" heel ever, and his A.W.A. promos were comedy gold
5. Bruiser Brody - a perpetual motion machine who caused mayhem wherever he went
6. Curt Hennig/Mr. Perfect - as great as he was, still underrated IMO
7. Rick Rude - total arrogance, and one of the best heels ever
8. Kurt Angle - always great in the ring, and eventually honed his craft to become an all-around great
9. Chris Jericho - anyone who knows the Spinning Saskatchewan Nerve Hold has to be great
10. La Parka - master of the chair guitar, always made me laugh

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