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02-12-2013, 02:33 AM
NHL is rigged
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Originally Posted by Bangers View Post
Ahh... Revisionist history... My favorite kind!

So, Tambellini's done a crap job.

Let's look at the Oilers before he took over. Pronger gutted the organization when he left, players like Heatley and Nylander('s wife) refused to come here, K. Lowe made the organization look Mickey Mouse with his handling of the Comrie situation (which, had he not done, would have led to the Oil having Corey Perry right now), and due to 15-20 years of drafting ineptitude (Barry Fraser anyone?) and the EIG's "brilliant" decision to not have a farm team, the team was full of overpaid, sub par veterans with few quality prospects in the system.

In his time as GM, he's cleared out most of the entitled, crappy vets like Moreau, brought in 5 players that have the potential to be world-class players and ignored the urge to trade away players like Gagner, Dubnyk and Smid when a lot of posters on the board were calling for them to be traded/discarded.

Could he have made more trades? Who knows? Generally, in order to acquire a decent asset you can't just bundle up a bunch of your team's crap and expect to get a good return. Let's face it - this team hasn't had a lot of quality assets to work with.

I'm not saying he's anywhere in the vicinity of flawless. The Brodziak trade was horrible, as was the signing of Khabibulin, but considering where the franchise is vs, where it was 5 years ago, I wouldn't say that Tambellini has done the worst job.
I suppose when you've taken a franchise so far into the ground like Steve has I guess there is no where to go but up.

Speaking of track records lets look at Steve's. Passed over many times in Vancouver, brought in to Edmonton to lead us through 4 coaches, a revolving door of role players and GM'd the worst team since the lockout with an astounding record of 30th,30th and 29th.

but don't worry, we're going to be a powerhouse. Everybody apparently thinks that now we've drafted 3 players that dark days are over .

The holes are huge on this team. I mean if it wasn't for devan we'd be last in the league. just a matter of time before he is fired and Mact takes the reigns sadly.

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