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Originally Posted by flashy View Post
I suppose when you've taken a franchise so far into the ground like Steve has I guess there is no where to go but up.

Speaking of track records lets look at Steve's. Passed over many times in Vancouver, brought in to Edmonton to lead us through 4 coaches, a revolving door of role players and GM'd the worst team since the lockout with an astounding record of 30th,30th and 29th.

but don't worry, we're going to be a powerhouse. Everybody apparently thinks that now we've drafted 3 players that dark days are over .

The holes are huge on this team. I mean if it wasn't for devan we'd be last in the league. just a matter of time before he is fired and Mact takes the reigns sadly.
So what moves were out there that would have improved the team without gutting the team's future?

Edmonton is not Philadelphia. Given the choice between -40 Januaries in a "big small town" with very little in entertainment options and a fishbowl environment and a major US city, most players are going to go with the latter option.

Oilers brass correctly identified that the only way for the team to acquire high end talent was to tank, acquire high end talent through the draft, provide an atmosphere where the players would want to stay and lock them up to long term deals.

Losing has sucked the past few years, but I still maintain that not only was this planned, it was the right plan.

As another poster has already noted, starting now is the time to assess Tambellini. If he can't fill the roster out while stating under the cap, he needs to go, but blaming him for the past few years is blindingly ignoring the multitude of factors that led to the team being the crap job that it's been the past few years.

As far as Tambellini being passed over goes, Bill Belichick was once sacked by the Cleveland Browns (another model of organizational ineptitude). It happens.

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