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02-12-2013, 04:20 AM
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I don't think it's fair to just say we are in a rebuild because we've been picking top ten for a long time. During that period our management has not had a discernible vision for the team, and not shown the ability to fix holes.

The perfect example is toughness. We've gone from Tamby saying they wanted a nuclear option in the line-up to waiving Hordichuk. To me that says there is a lack of direction. During that period we drafted Abney, and went through several tough guys, now it seems the philosophical direction on the topic has completely reversed.

After the cup run, we were a team with strong center depth and character role players. In our hunt for goal scorers, we created huge voids out of former strengths.

Tamnby said we are going to become tougher to play against, leading to guys like JFJ playing on the top line, the next year we were bringing in omark and lander and trying to ice an offensive line-up

We've gone from needing O-Dmen to D-Dmen

There's so many examples of it

Edit: that said, i still think we are a playoff team or close to it this year, but next season some astute moves are going to be needed and more when the cap crunch comes.

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