Thread: Speculation: Who stays and who goes? (Forwards)
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02-12-2013, 04:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Meditating Guru View Post
Also, **** you, ****. If Hudler shot as much as Franzen last season (127 vs 211 respectively) at his rate of 19.7%, that equals 41.567 goals.
You must be related to Hudler if you are taking this so seriously. I didn't insult you, show some class. You don't have revert to insults because your statements are so mindnumbingly dumb.

Hudler never scored 40 goals and never will. If he shoots more, he'll get 40 goals? It's always "technically" possible, but highly unlikely.

I'm not saying he will -- nor am I saying it's even remotely likely -- just that it is technically possible.
It "technically" possible for me to **** every Victoria's Secret model. I'm not saying it's remotely likely, but "technically" possible!

Please, you're asking me to be realistic?

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