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02-12-2013, 06:04 AM
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Would love to see the Oilers aquire Boyle from NY, Steckel from TO to change the complextion and size of the bottom 6 today.

Buyout Smyth/Horcoff in the summer, trade Hemsky for some defensive help while his value is hopefully high, and push to replace him with Clowe off the UFA market for the 2nd line left wing spot to help balance out the top 6 for next year.

See if Penner maybe wants to sign a lower value contract for 1.5'ish million with the intention of offering him a low pressure 3rd line role. I know all the issues surrounding him, and I'm not a fan, but he can probably still be effective in a limited role without the pressure to be a scorer. Barring that, maybe see if Morrow would be interested in a contract for the bottom 6, albeit on a shorter contract given his age and hard miles(definately won't be any question about his effort level).

Would also look at Douglas Murray or Robin Regher(wants to play in western canada) for the bottom six slot, though both could be liabilities going forward with their lack of foot speed. The Oilers really need a stable and tough bottom pairing at some point that is more defensive focused and less error prone. One of those guys with a resigned Fistric could maybe provide that.

Just something I'd like to see. None of these players are original names on these forums by any stretch, not to mention I doubt the Oilers would ever be that proactive. But in the realm making the team tougher to play against, was just thinking about some ideas in the realm of the overhauling some aspects of the team while ruling out fantasy trades, mythical 2nd line centers, and 4th line plugs who don't impact the game.

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