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Originally Posted by VikingNuck View Post
Justinov is right, the Danish mentality gives us some brain blockers, some are good and some are bad. But danish players across all sports are often pass first players.

Boedker, Nielsen, Eller, Regin. Hansen shoots allot soo he is a bit unorthodox, but he is also married to a Canadian, and has adapted well to NA.

In Soccer we have Eriksen, a very big talent with a great shot, but he seldomly shoots.

And as we saw in this years Handball WC final, the same is the case there. They would rather pass, than take the responsibility of shooting and maybe not scoring.

Danes are always taught to think of the team and not the individual, so I guess it is very deeply imprinted in the Danes that grew up in Denmark.

And to let down your team, is like letting down your family.

Guys like Jensen and Björkstrand, shoot allot, but they have NA dads.

In soccer we have Bendtner that shoots allot but never scores, he is a case of too much confidence, very rare for a dane
Yep totally correct. When I was playing team sport as a kid (handball & field hockey mostly) I was always playing to win and score as many goals as possible. It often ended with critic from the coaches/parents that I didn't include the other players enough.

Apparently many on my team played for "fun". I could never understand that as a kid -> Sport was "life and death". So I slowly begun to include other players and pass to them (being totally frustrated inside when they missed), but since I was taking out to the bench if I complained to loudly of their missed opportunities I "learned" to shut up and play "the team game" - meaning including everyone.

[Not that I was an anti-team player, I would always pass to a player I knew was good and could score - but wouldn't it be against the team to pass to a player that might lose the ball if it was a tight match??].

Off course over time you lose the finishing edge when you dont train it all the time and I ended up more and more as a passing player. As a kid I always played either goalie or attack (where win or loss is decided) adult I had ended up as a midfielder

But you adapt to your own culture....that's why danish players have good team spirit, are defensively responsible but have finishing problems.
Especially as you say vikingnuck in the end of important games. No one dares to finish and letting the team down.
Why don't they all think: "It's decided now and I can be the national hero if I score - give me the ball".
Instead they all think "If I dont score I have let the team down and they will blame me". It's the fear of losing that overcomes the joy of winning.
Those who are half-danish have a "parent-shielding" in some way where they can be backed up at home to continue playing their own style.

Anyone else have experienced the same??

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