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Originally Posted by bruinsfan46 View Post
More expensive. Kulikov is maybe a better player than Carlson and we have no reason to believe he is available whereas Carlson potentially is.
I thought I saw in one of those Weiss threads that his name was bandied about, but I could be very wrong.

Originally Posted by Gonzothe7thDman View Post
I hate to compare players because of their nationality, because I see a lot of people do it and its annoying and lazy, but kulikov looks like a young Sergei Zubov. Great offensive instincts that looks to be breaking out very soon. Carlson is no less of a dman, just brings a different skill set.

With Gudbranson pegged to be the futture#1 dman in Florida, I feel like kulikov is destined to be the future permanent #2. The Zubov to their Hatcher type situation even though gudbranson should be a good deal better than Hatcher.

So in my opinion, kulikov may cost the same or a bit more in my opinion.
I can certainly see why FLA would want to hold onto Kulikov, but I don't think he's proven quite as much as Carlson, which is why I thought he might be a tad cheaper - but I've always been bad with value. Thank you both for your opines.

RE: Pandolfo. I'm fine with it. Don't think it can hurt. However, if you're signing him, why not bring back a board favorite and bring in PJ Axe


If we 'loan' a player to Providence (Lane for ex), does he still count against the cap? I suppose vs being demoted (ex Tardiff)? Would just like to understand that part of it better - thanks,

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