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02-12-2013, 06:28 AM
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Originally Posted by groovejuice View Post
To add to the mystique of PK, whose amazing skills are frequently belittled and whose exuberance and confidence are met all too often with hysterical repugnance, he has been blessed by his inclusion on the SI "10 Most Hated NHL Players" list.

Even better, he tops the list!
Sports Journalism ladies and gentlemen!

Taking quotes out of context, 7 year old youtube videos and 50 words to denigrate the character of a person you don't know, have never talked to and will cower away from in fear in person. These guys for all their faults and dirty play, have given their lives from a very young age to play hockey - as dirty or as "hated" as they seem, hockey players lead very tough lives and to have some loser with a dorito stained keyboard just crap all over them with some oppourtunistic youtube videos is totally abhorent.

And then people eat this **** up with a spork.

And then people will repeat this over and over and over until everything you see of that player is through "punk"-coloured glasses. As if what Mike ****ing Milbury has to say is ever right, has ever been right or will ever be applicable to reality. Why even quote Milbury, he might as well have quoted Doctor Seuss.

This crap happened to a bunch of our players, namely the 3 on that list and it'll happen to even more until maybe, one day, we all get sick of these lies and tell these loser balding "sports journalists" to stuff it. Sports Journalism a the cancerous tumour on professional sports, they HAVE to lie, exaggerate and insult because they need things to talk about. **** these lists, I'd kill to have Ribeiro and Lapierre on this team, they're exactly what this team needs.

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