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02-12-2013, 07:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
Anyone mind giving me a recap of the 3rd/OT?
2nd shift and Hanzal hits Johnson and Hanzal's shoulder hit Johnson's jaw.
Johnson skated off after the shift and destroyed the bench in anger (= probably some time off). Didn't return.
A few shifts later Duchene was injured after being hit by Moss(?) infront of our goal, seems like an injury to the leg. Returned later but clearly not 100%.
A few shifts later Hejduk took a hard shot into his arm/hand, but returned and looked OK.
Then about 9mins left and McGinn gets a breakaway. Stone slashes him with two hands on the legs and McGinn falls and stays down for some time. Stone didn't get a penalty. McGinn returned later on, but didn't appear to be 100%.
A minute later OEL scores when Zanon didn't know what to do. Varly should've stopped the shot nevertheless.
Then a few minutes before the end Stone crosschecks McLeod in the ribs in front of their net. McLeod is very slow to get up and doesn't return.
Avs go on PP, but don't capitalize.
After the PP SOB dives and gets Moss a penalty. Avs can't capitalize in regulation, and neither in the remaining 1.40 in OT.
A minute from the end Zanon chips the puck off the boards behind our goal and the Ref stands in the way and the puck bounces straight to a Phoenix player who passes it to Doan who is camping in the slot. Goal, and Haynes is very pissed.

That's basically it.

Recap of 3rd+OT:
Injured and didn't come back: Johnson, McLeod
Injured and came back not 100%: Duchene, McGinn
Injured, but looked OK: Hejduk
Stone wanted us to tank for Jones by injuring 2 of our players (McGinn, McLeod)
Varly let in a softy and Zanon can't defend
Avs couldn't score on PP
Ref giftwrapped the OT goal for the Yotes

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