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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Everybody has warts. Plekanec said of himself that he played like a girl. Cole is looking like the old man people thought he'd look like 3years into his contract.
Markov is constantly criticized has a PO no show. Do I need to go over how selfish some think Subban is? Or the great reputation Price had at some point??
Ovechkin is getting a lot of bad press too, but if he was a free agent I would absolutely go after him. It would be ******** not too.
You can argue about Semin's flaws, i think they were grossly overstated, mainly because of one bitter ex teammate's saying that was reported a million times in the media and gave McGuire a *****, but that's fine if you want to believe them. However, I think we should have used that as an advantage.
We had a lack of winger depth, no sniper of his quality, and nobody with his stick handling skills. He was a perfect winger for Plek.
If he had gotten a 5-8year deal, I would have shared some worries, but on a one year deal? In a transitional year? Perfect fit.
What is troubling, to some degree, is that Bergevin expressed 0 interest. That was dumb.
The part you are missing is Bergevin wanted to change the culture from the ****show we saw 2nd half of last year to a lot more accountability.

THAT is why he brought in guys like Prust Armstrong Bouillon. Those are guys he knows will go to battle every night. Bringing in a guy like Semin doesn't accomplish that, he's always been known to play when he feels like it. A guy like taht is fine if your team core is already built and your ship is already on the right course, then he is more likely to follow. But if you are trying to right a ship that was off course, he may not be the best option.

PLUS one thing people are not considering, with the new CBA eliminating the "burying" on contracts, the Gomez one would have made it hard to sign Semin for 7 mil for 1 year.

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