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Originally Posted by ReginKarlssonLehner View Post
Stone was excellent in the first 4 games. That's it. The rest of the time he played a more defensive game and his offense came once in a while but not at the level I was hoping. Even though I think the way he was used by Richardson will help him long-term, he didn't play as one of the best. I'm saying this as a huge Stone fan too.
i think after the first few games he played very well defensively, and was not put in a position to succeed offensively, yet still showed some nice plays, even playing through an injury. he didn't appear to be one of the best players, but it was clear to me that he was one of the most talented players on the team. when training camp started and he was placed higher up the line-up, he looked very good in all the games he played before his new injury.

Da Costa was the catalyst on that top-line, powerplay and offense. Anyone who thinks otherwise didn't watch all or most of the games. Silfverberg's game improved immensely when put with DaCosta.
i think this is just how silf is. he had someone to carry the puck for him (which both da costa and hoffman liked to do), and someone with high i.q. he could pass the puck around with (and make the other team look silly). silf should play with a playmaker and puck carrier.

Hoffman was actually beneficiary of that top-line and could have had much more points if he finished half his opportunities. Nothing against Hoffman but I expected him to score much more points.
hoffman is one of the few players we disagree on, lol.

i think hoffman was in line with the skill of those players. that top line was probably the best line in the ahl (didn't see other teams except when we played them, but man oh man, 'dat line), and hoffman played a big part. there are some problems with the hoff's game, but he was not a greening riding shotgun with spezza (referring to points). hoffman scored at a similar pace to da costa while on that top line, and while he was at the tail end of some nice plays, he also started some.

I bet you didn't even watch half the games saying Hoffman carried that top-line
that line was like the pizza line. everyone contributed. if you had to put someone that carried that line though, i would not say it was hoffman.

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