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Originally Posted by NBHockey View Post
Curtis Scales was a good player in the ACC events when he attended as a U14 and U15 player. He gets over shadowed by Noel and Picco, but is a very good player. He was always a bit on the small side, wonder if he has grown?

Yet another Atlantic kid that chooses to go elsewhere to play. CIHA is not the best situation for all kids in terms of school. Their ILM and eLearning while will work for a dedicated student can really hinder a player who has to write an SAT or entrance exam at a later date.

I just don't know why all these kids go away to play hockey. When I look at the ones that have returned, I don't see where they have developed beyond the kids that didn't. In some cases, I think the kids that stayed here have developed more.
i'm not sure how it works in NFLD, or where this kid is from, but i've been involved in hockey at a coaching and scouting capacity for the past 15yrs in NB. There seems to be lots of preferential treatment in hockey in NB. Depending who's your parents, depending on who's summer camps you've attended....who's hockey school you have attended, seems to all play in decisions on who makes AAA teams. Some kids who were great in Atom and played for all the right summer teams, are in midget AAA. Most are absolutely good enough, but, there are some that are left out and think they deserve a better outcome and they go looking for it elsewhere.

I agree with you, most are not better develloped elsewhere. I'm of the opinion that you can have the greatest coaches in the world and the greatest facilities in the world, but, in the end the player alone will decide how they progress. You can't teach work ethic. you can preach it, but you can't teach it.

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