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02-12-2013, 08:33 AM
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Originally Posted by McArthur View Post
The only thing I'm blaming Tambo for is being patient. And with more time I'm sure I won't be able to fault him with it considering what it will cost to ice a perennial powerhouse as opposed to a flash in the pan.
Complete agree. Tambo said many off seasons he wasn't going after big name FA's. The Oilers have had it proven to them many times that players don't want to come to Edmonton, for weather related issues and player's wives preference. The one time the Oilers won the FA sweepstakes, it was Sheldon Souray. Need I say more?

To all the despairing fans on this board, your going to have to live with it. Tambo has said many times he isn't going to trade valuable draft picks and for instant gain. That the Oilers will build from within, with a core group of guys, and weed out the ones that they don't want. Maybe some Oiler fans can take some solace in this: Justin Schultz came here because he liked what he saw in Edmonton, and liked the core that is being assembled. He won't be the only player to come to that conclusion.

I think, that the problems on the ice are more from sloppy play, not working as a team, and a lack of physicality. This team, especially the first line, want to run and gun, and not muck it out. The other game against Vancouver, how many times did the first line PP try to carry the puck in, rather than dump and chase? Vancouver isn't the only team that knows the Oilers don't want to engage physically. Our young players have to start to do that, not just score the pretty goals, but crash and get the ugly ones. Also, how many times have I seen a player pass up a shot, for a pretty pass, that gets intercepted and goes the other way. Tambo has the right pieces on this team to make the playoffs. The players have to execute, and improve. Finally, three centers hurt at once, including our two best out for extended games. Oilers injury luck has to improve. Badly.

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