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02-12-2013, 09:37 AM
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Originally Posted by caribouPINE View Post
Listened to the Team1200 today, and they mentioned that some beat writer for the Avs (Dater? I didn't catch the name) believes that Ryan O'Reilly will never play for the Avs again.

They naturally discussed what it would take for Ottawa to get him... but that's not the discussion here.

Do WE go after him? If so, what can we realistically offer? And where does he play? (or what do you do with Bozak/Grabbo?).

Obviously ROR has been discussed here quite a bit but this is looking like a Kyle Turri/PHX saga where he eventually gets dealt.
If it is about money, Grabovski is off the table.
Bozak is UFA he is off the table.
So what other center do the Leafs have with any value?

Gardiner isn't healthy right now.
Rielly isn't NHL ready.
Gunnarsson doesn't have the value of O'Reilly.

How about something like Couturier for O'Reilly?


The New York Rangers are the most valuable NHL franchise at $1.2 billion, taking the top spot on the Forbes list for the first time since 2004.

The magazine said Tuesday that Montreal is second at $1.18 billion, followed by Toronto at $1.15 billion.
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