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02-12-2013, 10:10 AM
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Haven't read this thread in its entirety. Just here to say (since I had posted extensively about the matter during the negotiations/holdout) that PK has been everything we want and need him to be. I've been really happy about his play and how he seems to have modified his play within the system. I don't think he's necessarily toned it down. Just mistake-free. He's also hitting the net more (and scoring) since the first few games back. You saw that towards the end of the game, he was taking the puck to the net and even behind so when it needs to be done, he will. In any case, MT has a very active defense.

All that said, MB got a great contract (and appropriate for PK for where he is) and this should not be overlooked. His future in MTL is safe IMO (no grudges) and for all the reactionary complaining about the next subject, i.e., enforcers, management has been doing well at each step. I have no doubt that although we had a bad week, that in the long run, we are moving towards contender and that could start very well with playoffs this year, largely thanks to Subban. I do agree Markov is looking a bit off, but he also makes some really awesome Markovian plays that go unnoticed.

As for us being hated, trying to speak unbiasedly, I really don't think there's anything to feel ashamed of on our team. If we were going around biting people and trying to knee the other team's players or just generally playing a cheap game - I'd totally admit it. Can't stop other teams from hating though, it's just so easy to hate a team like the Habs without reason. Look at Toronto fans trying to come up with reasons why grabo and Orr did all that stuff. They will defend anything. I've been in leaf country for school/work for a decade and at many weddings or official functions with long-time "leaf families", they invariably say something abusive about the Habs. (Like in the speech for their daughter's wedding, who doesn't even care...) Haters gonna hate. All we should do is enjoy our team and hopefully they will give us reason to.

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