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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
People think leadership equates to making noise. This is why, according to many of the experts here, Koivu/Gorges/Pleks/Markov/etc aren't good leaders.

Of course, Cammalleri did rip his teammates when he was here last year, and everyone vilified him for it, so I guess it's a no-win situation.
I absolutely don't think that making noise equates to leadership. My argument is two-fold and I'd love for someone to refute it, or try to:

1) The ideal captain in a market such as ours deflects pressure from his team onto himself if the team is mired in a bad situation. We've seen it many times where after a tough loss Phaneuf, or Lidstrom or whoever-the-heck faces the media and says that they played bad, the execution was off.. whatever. Gionta nearly never does this. It doesn't mean much in terms of leadership but that's the initial "public image" aspect of captaincy that you can't deny exists.

2) This is leagues more important than 1. The ideal captain executes his own tasks consistently and to the maximum of his abilities the best he can and leads by example. You can't yell at a teammate for giving up on a play when you yourself have been missing passes, flubbing on shots and going offside all game. This implies talent and consistency but it also implies work ethic and general hockey sense. Gionta has work ethic but he lacks hockey sense, he lacks the talent and he sure as heck isn't consistent. I just don't see how he could yell at Cole or Bourque in the lockerroom when they, at least if they're not scoring, go to the net or CAN even go to the net. Gionta has avoided traffic and been squeezed out of the crease often in the past ~7 games, he's also killed momentum by missing empty nets (created by great plays by Pleks) and going offside twenty times a match. Gionta can't even hold his own physically, he needs White or Prust or someone to take a penalty everytime someone runs him.

He's detrimental to his line and the team at this point. He just seems to be built for Jacques Martin counter-attack hockey and not stretch-pass, beat the man and cycle hockey Therrien is preaching. (DD neither.)

He's playing poorly and he's avoiding the glare of the media - they go onto Cole, they go onto Pacioretty, they (hopefully will) go onto DD when Gionta's played worse than every single one of them. Those three losses were to divisional rivals in a shortened season - those are 6 pt games we're losing and Gionta's nowhere to be found on the ice (which we can see) or off the ice (we can't see the lockerroom but in terms of media heat).

Caveat: The team hasn't looked LAZY in a single one of those games, they're motivated and even last year they seemed motivated. It's the execution that's really poor on this team, it's the passing and cycling especially but also the defensive positioning in terms of Markov-Emelin and Gorges-Diaz that's poor. So Gio's not to blame for DD and Patches not executing but he is to blame for his own lack of execution.

As for Cammalleri, to me and my methodology, he falls under point 2. He was not executing well, he was not playing well and he was DETRIMENTAL to his line on both the PP and EV. For him to go out and say "WE are playing like we're afraid of losing." (he didn't say "we're losers", I won't misquote him just because I don't like him) is a crock of poop because HE was playing as bad as anyone. If Cammy was playing well but just not finishing, it'd be one thing, but he was floating and just in a Typhoid-like haze so it was unacceptable for him to go off on "we" when they had a new coach and were struggling so mightily.

On a third note: Gionta is the posterboy of Gainey's reckless UFA frenzy and Jacques Martin's trap, the most boring hockey I've witnessed in years, and I wish we never signed him. Gionta is a dump-and-change specialist, Gionta is THE midget on a team ridiculed for being riddled with smurfs, Gionta hasn't fit in the new change of atmosphere AT ALL so far and slowly people are coming around to see it.

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