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02-12-2013, 09:15 AM
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Originally Posted by ukyote View Post
You may have to forgive my ignorance a bit here, but it seems as though the same problems persist from when I last went to a lot of domestic games... why is everything so fragmented?

Years ago there was a bona fide "feud" between the ISL and the Findus BIHL(?), with the respective owners actually firing shots at each other in public... to the obvious detriment of the sport as a whole.

I'm not suggesting this is the case now, but would it not be better to try and amalgamate the leagues somehow? There just seems to be nothing by way of cohesion... couldn't they implement promotion and relegation to give "lower tier" players a chance to improve against the best? Or are we still in the same state we were a decade or so ago with competing egos and interest calling the shots...?
It's not even close to how it used to be. The EPL is not even close to the EIHL, whereas there was less of a gap between the BISL and the BNL. EIHL teams have links with EPL teams, Swindon have had players on 2-way with Coventry who when went on to play full time in Coventry, the same with Sheffield Steeldogs and Hull. Basingstoke recently loaned Nottingham's backup goalie while Stevie Lyle was away with GB.

Promotion between the leagues would not work, the clubs just do not have the fan support or budget to go to the higher league. Guildford have the budget to play in the EIHL, but it is not in their interest because the increased gate revenue would not make up for the increase in wages, so paradoxically they make more profit in the EPL than they would in the EIHL. The reason the likes of Romford, Wightlink and Chelmsford are in the NIHL now is they simply did not have the budget to be competitive in the EPL anymore.

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