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12-17-2003, 12:24 PM
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Originally Posted by bradshaw19
You habs fans are absolutely ridiculous. How can you say that Bergeron intended to run into Theo. I am a big Theo fan, and I admired his grit going back at Bergeron. That's hockey. If he is so fed up, why doesn't he just drop his gloves everytime someone runs into him. Or better yet, why don't some of your small little d-men do something about. If someone ever did that to Raycroft or Felix, I'd bet you a million bucks that all five players would go after the guy.
Look Bergeron did it by accident, and nobody should be talking about cheap play, I have never seen so much hooking and clutching by one team in my life. Be happy that you got most the PPs, because that was an unfair game for the Bruins who didn't get the game called down the middle.
-the goal that didn't happen.
-the penalty shot that didn't happen.
-the cheap hit on Zamuner that bloodied his nose and knocked him out a little.
-the hook on Rolston when he could of had a two on one.
-the retaliation on Bergeron from Theo.
-Grosek getting a five minute major for a hit. Yeah it was a cheap hit, but atleast he didn't get bloodied like Zamuner.

None of this was called.
Just because your team is made up of little European players who don't know how defend teammates, doesn't mean that you guys go off on a tangent for every little thing. This is hockey, you should know more about that than an American. I forgot though, you guys refuse to fight when it really comes down to it.

Yes we here at Hockeysfuture are the 23 players on the Habs roster, we are affraid to fight when it comes down to it and after each game we play we come here as fans to whine about what happened.

That was one of the lamest posts I've read in a long time. Bergeron is to blame as much as Rivet is to blame. Bergeron got his stick high and Rivet rammed him into Theo.
BTW, our Defense is pretty big, they just don't stick up for each other, same for our forwards(minus the big part).

Zamuner got what he deserved didn't he? I mean, how can one be checked by a little European player? Langdon seems Slovak to me.

Rolston would never hook someone would he? nah that couldn't be, him being good on defense, he probably never hooks!

That knee from Bergeron was very clean, just as clean as that high stick on Quintal and that face wash on Dackell.

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