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02-12-2013, 10:04 AM
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Originally Posted by stranger34 View Post
Tanking until Brooklyn makes no business sense. By the time they get there no one is going to care exceptt some people for the novelty.

If they are losing people like me who go to alot of games and work in the city they are in trouble. If I am not going to get in my car and drive for 10 minutes to get to a game why would I get on a train change at Jamaica and play 2x the price of a ticket to see a franchise that spit in my face for years.

Adios. If I ever relocate for work I will adopt the new location's home team
Have to disagree.

It may expedite the situation if they start to spend in 2015 (The last season in NVMC) which is what I would expect.

Brooklyn is a pretty populated area. The idea of NHL hockey there is going to go over well.

If you buy into the idea that the team is full of very good prospects add JT at a mature level sprinkle in a few big signings......all in a new arena you get Buzzz

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