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02-12-2013, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Sportserie View Post
Yes, I mentioned this upthread too. Apparently during the Nashville game Zach played actively sick, he was extremely sick during that game. During the game I commented on how it seemed like he had to force his eyes to even stay open. He looked so sick to me. If he had close to the same flu I had 3 weeks ago, I have no idea how he played during the Nashville game. I had a fever and severe body aches, fatigue for 4 days, respiratory symptoms for nearly two weeks.

I give Parise credit for even attempting to play. NBA players are dropping like flies due to what appears to be very similar symptoms.

Parise's move in the shootout was amazing.
So was Koivu's! That was one of the dirtiest moves I've seen from Koivu, didn't know he even had that move

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