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02-12-2013, 10:43 AM
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Screens for shooting defensemen would be nice. Currently it seems like everyone jockeys for position behind the net, with any other forwards crashing the boards to be the next guy behind the net instead of anyone ever hanging out in front where a goal might be scored. The one big exception to that being Dany Heatley who gets there just in time to slam into both teams leaving the zone because nobody helped him get his skate guards off.

Highlights of the game for me:
Brodin spinorama
Konopka hugorama
Cyclorama in the offensive corner four times in a row at one point late in the game. On the fifth time around someone in a bear suit skated the other way and then they all turned to give chase and crashed through a hedge. Yakety Sax was enjoyed by all.

Other notes:
You know what? No more power plays. Just slash somebody at the faceoff circle as soon as we go on one. Trip an opposing player. Catch the faceoff puck and pet it like a bunny. Whatever you do, do it immediately and spare us all.
Parise's shootout goal looked beautiful. Then Hudler's looked easy. It's too bad for Calgary that he is so determined to get back to the bench and hammer out more of next year's Christmas toys, but those quotas aren't going to meet themselves.

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