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02-12-2013, 10:58 AM
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Search for "RBK JOFA elbow" or something like that.

The pads were originally made by JOFA, and they had two models. Their model numbers ended in either __44 or __77, like 9044 and 9077 or 9144 and 9177. When Reebok bought JOFA, they re-branded the pads as RBK 7k PRO for the __44 and RBK 8k PRO for the __77.

The 7k Pros are the ones you see above and the most common ones. The 8k Pros are similar but have another 1-2" of slash guard stitched to extend to the wrist. If you're really tall, you might like the 8k's. I have heard of folks buying them and then cutting off that extra bit just because it's hard to find the 7k's for cheap.

One other thing with the JOFA elbow pads, the forearm guard is large and extends further down the forearm, closer to the glove. Most retail pads have a gap. You can see, Kovy is tall but those elbow pads go all the way to his gloves, which have a shorter cuff. If you're short, you might have trouble with the gloves knocking into your elbow pads.

I didn't like the retail Reebok elbows because they are a smaller fit, lack the coverage of the pro elbows, and the design of the pad interferes with free range of motion. I can't straighten my arms comfortably in them.

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