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02-12-2013, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by fuswald View Post
Not blaming Tamellini for players playing poorly but this is all he has done and it is questionable he actually did all of it. Picking first place is not something to brag about, would say exactly the opposite.

YaKupov statement is a joke. Wow, we sucked so bad we got a great pick. And the first year actually trying to win? You mean he can brag about how he tried to lose? Put that on a resume.
-Nick Schultz for Tom Gilbert = questionable deal, Tom wasn't junk. High scoring breakout defenseman for a stay at home? Poor deal easy deal.
-Signed Justin Schultz = some players made this happen from what I read. A gift.-Re-signed Ryan Smyth = Ryan Smyth likely wanted to be here to finish his career. Ryan chose not Tambo-Re-signed Darcy Hordichuk = nobody wants him he will be on waivers soon-Re-signed Gagner/Dubnyk to short term deals = couldn't pull off a decent deal so had no choice but to go short term. Now what will it cost to get them long term. Reduced trade value with no contract.-Extended Hall and Eberle long term = huge gazillion dollar contracts for a reasonable showing. Ooo must be tough. Paid the approximate worth. Agents decided this one. Long term for Hall is nice though.
-Traded for Mark Fistric = wow I bet there was huge demand for Fistric. This stay at home slamming defenseman shows how easy it is to get one. Tom Gilbert gone for a stay at home. Bogus.
Manegment is poor on the oilers. With the core we have and some trades we may pull out of the basement. There is no excuse to fail anymore. Time will tell for the team but Tambellini has done NOTHING special at all. Rebuilding is the excuse to explain sucking.

Hey, we're rebuilding for 5 or 6 year plan.
Realy means:
Don't fire me just yet. Wait 5 or 6 years (after already sucking for 2 years). If we suck real bad maybe we can get better with the draft. That way we don't even need to figure who to take, pick the top choice.

Anything else to add to Tambellinis accomplishments? Maybe awesome coaching catch?
- Tom Gilbert was not a high scoring defenseman lol (he had 22 pts last year ), and he was traded for a stay at home defenseman that we needed with the emergence of Petry's play.
- It was Krueger who convinced Schultz to sign...the coach that was given the job by you guessed it...Tambo.
- Smyth wanted to come back home to raise his family here, as was quoted by him numerous times.
- At the time it seemed like a good idea...however the game is changing and you need players who are gritty but ALSO have skill. Lesson learned.
- Short contracts for Gags and Dubie were the right thing to do. Duby hadn't proved himself at that point, and Gags wasn't progressing. He gave them contracts to prove themselves, and they are. Good on them.
- Anyone and everyone who is an Oiler fan were praising that he locked up Ebs and Hall with what they got. Not sure why you're critical of it, and it seems like you're just looking for something to complain about.
- Anyone and everyone who is an Oiler fan raved about getting Fistric. A hometown boy that's a crusher, good on the PK, and doesn't get many penalties - a great signing altogether, and a needed addition.

We are rebuilding because we had with it because we're not done yet.

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