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02-12-2013, 11:01 AM
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From the little i know, the North American goalie crop is considered quite strong, whilst the European contingent is considered quite weak. Of course, like most years, Good Goaltenders from this age group will be picked late in the draft or not even drafted.

If the scouts like a Goaltender, by all means, take a gamble. I'd prefer to stay away from Goaltenders in the 1st couple of rounds. Even with Markstrom, we are seeing how long Goaltenders take. Markstrom, one of the better U-20 Goaltenders in a long time, is 5 years removed from being drafted, and still isn't in the NHL on a regular part time basis yet. The development path is very long and i don't think the investment with high picks is worth it when history shows us Good Goaltenders can be found via many many avenues.

Coolburn, worrying about someones frame with only their weight data is a little perplexing. We are discussing 17/18 year old kids here. Unless you know their family history, their body type and have several viewings on how they play with their frame, i think it's pretty useless conjecture.

Plethora of projects available in the second round Forward wise i think. Dano, Kujawinski, Dickinson, Buchnevich, Burakowksy, De La Rose, Bailey, Hurley all have interesting packages. Smaller players like Petan, Lekhonen seem projected in that range too.

Heard good things about Hurley. Very interesting package of size and skill. Youngest eligible player. Never seen him however.

De La Rose is a big player who plays straight forward game. The little i've seen doesn't scream significant offensive abilities, but he skates well, competes well and plays a simplistic good two way game. Later half of his season will dictate if he's a late 1st or early 2nd.

Dano is slightly smaller, but good puck skills. Skating isn't the greatest. Is playing well in limited minutes in the KHL. Might be a similar project pick to Jaskin/Panik. Somewhat inconsistent in compete level from i've heard. Skills are there though, and seems like a classic 40-50 type pick with upside.

Burakowsky has good frame, shoots the puck well, good skating and overall quite a dynamic player. Capable of more with the puck than De La Rose. Inconsistent this year, struggled with Malmo in allsvenskan. Stock depends on U-18 show and improvements with Malmo towards end of the year. A boom or bust type pick.

Kujawinski has interesting package of size, skating and soft hands. Inconsistent this year, was pegged as potential high 1st round coming into the year. Somewhat like Burakowsky, your taking a gamble on what might be there relative to what is there now.

Dickinson/Bailey i don't know much about.

Buchnevich had the best year of all Russian 95's in the MHL last year. Had a tough year so far with injuries. Not large player, but very good offensive skill set. In pure ability would rank as one of the better players available in this draft. Hard to know where he is selected, given injuries and lack of exposure in the KHL to date (MHL isn't scouted as highly as it merits purely on talent). Fascinating pick in the 2nd and onwards IMO.

Lehkonen and Petan would be two smaller players you'd look at strongly too. Both undersized (Petan especially) but have put up great numbers. Lehkonen has performed poorly on the international stage, whereas Petan hasn't had that opportunity, which may hurt Lehkonen's stock. But both have extremely good puck skills and vision and would be interesting gambles towards the end of the 1st/start of the 2nd.

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