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02-12-2013, 11:09 AM
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Tom Gilbert was not a high scoring defenseman lol (he had 22 pts last year ), and he was traded for a stay at home defenseman that we needed with the emergence of Petry's play.

Gilbert is better than the older Schultz thus we lose that trade. Nick Schultz has been a substantial disappointment overall.

- It was Krueger who convinced Schultz to sign...the coach that was given the job by you guessed it...Tambo.

Yeah right, it was Krueger, by the sounds of the last game on tv it was more Sam Gagner that was responsible for Schutlz being here than the coach.

- At the time it seemed like a good idea...however the game is changing and you need players who are gritty but ALSO have skill. Lesson learned.

This one is the perfect quote for all our the time it seemed like a good idea. That makes all the difference in the world.

- Anyone and everyone who is an Oiler fan were praising that he locked up Ebs and Hall with what they got. Not sure why you're critical of it, and it seems like you're just looking for something to complain about.

Nonsense, not everyone thought it was a good deal, especially with the cap going down and new owner friendly rules in place.

- Anyone and everyone who is an Oiler fan raved about getting Fistric. A hometown boy that's a crusher, good on the PK, and doesn't get many penalties - a great signing altogether, and a needed addition.

This was a good move no doubt about it though fistric is just another okay dman, not great, a slightly better Peckham perhaps. By no means does it solve our D problem.

We are rebuilding because we had with it because we're not done yet.

You have posed the eternal answer with we are rebuilding we are not done. I will propose the eternal question when will we be done? As in when can we put even a shred of expectation on this team rather than give them a total free ride. that is the question that needs answering.

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