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02-12-2013, 11:18 AM
Darren Peng
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Import levels in the EIHL need to be reduced, it's as simple as that (not having that debate in here though, take it to the EIHL thread)

Lower the import levels and the EIHL is more appealing to clubs like Basingstoke and Manchester to come back up, and makes promotion/relegation way more feasible. Also it of course develops British players. You could keep import levels in the EPL at 4 because the better Brits will righfully go to the EIHL, but over time you could lower it to 3. The old EPL teams could then afford to come back up.

In an ideal world I'd like to see a 12-team EIHL with 2 of Basingstoke, Manchester, Guildford coming up. If all 3 would be willing to come up, maybe expand the league to a new city and have 14 teams.

A 12 team EPL would look nice. There would be 8 of the current teams and you could bring back up Romford and Chelmsford (don't want Wightlink in it with that terrible rink) plus Solway and Billingham from the north. Oxford can come back up to NIHL1 south plus Bristol when they get a new facility to keep it at 9 teams, maybe bring up Peterborough from division 2 for 10 teams and keep promotion/relegation between NIHL1/2

Another change I definitely want to see in the EPL is British backup goalies have to meet a quota of minutes played during the season.

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