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02-12-2013, 11:42 AM
Fire Tambellini.
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Originally Posted by Booya42 View Post
- As far as the Schultz vs. Gilbert who is better debate...what type of defenseman are we using as a comparison (defensive or offensive) ?

- Justin was quoted as saying how talking to Krugs about the team they're building gave him goosebumps...Krugs is a professional motivational speaker in case you forgot...

- Really? Were you against the signings of Ebs and Hall?

- Fistric helps solve at least one problem which is better than nothing. I still say it was a good move.

- As far as when it will be done (rebuilding)? Well it was a 5 year plan, was it not? It could be said that 2010-2011 was the first year. That would make the 2015-16 season when we should be done. Unfortunately Oiler fans have short memories, and even less patience. Like i fans we just need to deal with it, because it 'aint done yet.
When has anybody said it was a 5 year plan? I've never heard Katz or Tamby or Lowe say this, I looked on google and no quotes of this "plan" ever come up.

The quote I actually remember was Katz saying was we don't plan on being here again after we drafted Hall.

There was/is no plan. You and some other fans need to stop being blind to ineptitude of our management. Falling ass backwards into good players isn't something to brag about.

Teams with 1/10 the talent we have, have but up better results. Steve's revolving door of FA's have been one failure after other, constantly performing worse then where they come from. (The exception of maybe 1-2).

Every year its the same problems, and what do we do? we hire guys that were fired, promote guys that we're part of 30th place teams, pick up other teams scrap players.

I am tired of tambellini, i gave him a chance 2 years ago. I understood the predicament that he faced concerning the fall out of 06'. I've watched this merry go round for 3 years now and its the same issues.

This isn't about patience is about common sense and accepting reality. Steve isn't the guy thats going to lead this team to glory, he has done his job of sucking and getting us (undeservingly) good players.

After this season hope he gets canned and for the love of god we hire somebody outside the organization that actually has had some success.

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