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02-12-2013, 11:45 AM
Nicky Santoro
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ok, maybe not an NBC record, but close. but if it was NYR/CHI instead of LA/CHI, with no nba, it might've had a chance.

And for the guys that said nhl ratings are not affected by NBA, well, i disagree with that. 90% of sports fans don't usually like 1 sport, they love most sports. so if you're a flyers fan in philly, chances are, you also like the phillies, eagles, etc.. so if phillies are on tv at same time as flyers, flyers will take a big hit. and if NYR are playing same time as knicks, NYR will get a worse rating than usual. Don't we all hate when 2 of our fav teams are playing same time? Of course it affects ratings.

Finally, i love that Dallas tv rating for Stars.. however, we must face it. the only reason it's up 94% is because after 10 games last yr in OCT and NOV, stars were up against Rangers world series, Cowboys, and college.. this last month had none of that. so the 1.0 is not nearly impressive as you all might think.

In the Mavs 1.7 avg this yr, they went up against college and Cowboys

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