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02-12-2013, 11:46 AM
The Brodin Effect
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Originally Posted by DeuceMN View Post
Clutter: I know we need the grit, but he just does not do much. I'm also getting really tired of him shooting from 50 feet out at an unscreaned goalie, only to have the goalie just absorb the shot and the entire rush is stopped. I'ld rather have Mitchel fill his role and trade Clutter. Clutter has greater perceived value, and we should take advantage of it.
I go back and forth on Clutterbuck all the time....As of right now, I like his role on the team: hard forechecker who can disrupt the opponents in their head and chip in a goal every now and the.

Originally Posted by DeuceMN View Post

Mitchel: Should be played. He's played his role just fine this year, and was even improving. Now he has been scratched for what. His shot is as good as Clutter's, he can cycle better than Cullen and he is just as fast. We should be using this guy.
I completely agree....I love his game and he should be in the line-up.

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